Move to Santa Monica
The Top 5 reasons You Should be Living in Santa Monica

 While there are a literally a million and one different reasons that you would want to call Santa Monica your home, here are five of the most common that people have been using to make the big move to one of the most beautiful and interesting places on the planet. Easily a top location for just about anyone that is interested in exciting night life, career advancement, world class weather and sports, as well as direct access to the rest of the world, there is a real reason that so many happy and successful people call Santa Monica their home.

The first reason – and probably a major one for many of the people that live in Santa Monica – would be the beautiful southern California weather

Maybe the biggest reason that so many people are looking at different Santa Monica apartments for their next big move is strictly because of the caliber of weather. Imagine the most spectacular summer day you’ve ever had, and then imagine that happening almost every single day of the year. You would be hard pressed to find even a single person that was unhappy with the day to day weather of southern California, and would have just as difficult a time finding people in Santa Monica apartments that didn’t count it as a major reason for their move.

The next would be that not only do you get direct access to the Pacific Ocean, but you also have the great city of LA on all other sides as well

But even if all of this summer like weather got to be too much for you, all it would take is a quick drive to the west and you would reach one of the natural borders of Santa Monica – the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful and warm, crisp and clean, you’ll be able to jump into the Ocean inside of just a few minutes no matter where your new Santa Monica rental is, the kind of access that people dream of almost every single day. But while those people all have resigned themselves to the simple fact that it will never be more than a dream for them, you can make it a reality but looking for the best Santa Monica apartments you can find and making the move to one of the most spectacular locations on the planet.

While the location of Santa Monica is critical, the people are just as important – as a hub of the world’s business and entertainment industries, you’ll be surrounded by young, attractive, exciting people

This is another critical factor that you need to take into account, and something you will be more than happy with when you move into your Santa Monica rental. One of the hottest areas in the world for celebrities, entertainment moguls, businessmen, and up and coming stars of all kinds, you will find Santa Monica to be a hub of good looking young people that are real time successes. If you are worried about the caliber of your neighbors and want to surround yourself with nothing but high quality people, looking for the right Santa Monica rental is mission critical.

With a major international airport just miles away, you’ll be able to live a high end Santa Monica rental and see the world at the drop of hat as well

But let’s say that even in the most spectacular place on the planet you still get a little restless – after all, doesn’t familiarity breed contempt? While you would have a bit of a hard time finding terribly too many people that didn’t love living in Santa Monica, the fact of the matter is that almost all of them travel – and thankfully, there is LAX just miles away to make hitting any spot on the planet a possibility. You can be out of your door and on a flight around the world inside of an hour or so, which is the perfect thing to do from time to time to really help you better appreciate just how incredible the Santa Monica apartments really are!

Making the move to southern California just has a way of changing the way that people see themselves and their own lives – Santa Monica has a transformative power, especially when you live in one of the great luxury apartments in Santa Monica for rent

The last thing you need to know about why people make the move to Santa Monica is that it has as much to do with an inner change than an outer one. Sure, we’ve all dreamed of how our lives would be different if we could live on a beach house in a world class town like Santa Monica, but the residents there actually get to see what happens when they make the shift. People become more alive, more awake, more caring – it’s a whole mindset shift that can take you to another planet without ever having to leave the country you love so much.